1What is Clasp Magic’s Best Feature?

The best feature would be the Clasp Loading Dock which engages the clasp in an open position. This means that you will NEVER have to fiddle with those tiny clasps again!

2. How Does Clasp Magic fit into Women's Lives?

Clasp Magic has a compact, lightweight design that makes it easy to travel with. Each unit comes with an anti-tarnish insert for the jewelry storage AND a black satin drawstring bag. Clasp Magic also looks fabulous on any household surface.

3. Which clasps work with Clasp Magic?

Clasp Magic works with different sizes of Lobster and Ring Clasps. 

4. What age is Clasp Magic best suited for?

As soon as you are old enough to wear clasp bracelets, you can benefit from Clasp Magic’s help. I think that the ideal age range would be preteen to senior (7-70+). Every woman deserves to wear bracelets, to feel beautiful, and to attach her bracelets independently. You are never too old or too young to have Clasp Magic in your life!

5. Do only Women need Clasp Magic?

Not at all..this is why Clasp Magic also comes in black colour. Many link and chain bracelets for men have clasps too! Generally speaking, men’s hands are larger than women’s making the struggle of opening clasps very real for them too. Clasp Magic can eliminate the struggle in men’s lives as well.

6. How is Clasp Magic Better than Other Devices Claiming to help with Bracelet Attachment?

Clasp Magic is a patented device and is the ONLY tool that works with the clasp end of bracelets so that you do not have to. The clasp of your bracelet will be held open and secure allowing you to drop the loop end in and push a quick release button. Attaching bracelets will only take seconds and you will never struggle to work those tiny clasps with one hand EVER again!!!

7. Does Clasp Magic Come with a Warranty?

I am positive you will love Clasp Magic and that is my Guarantee! If you are not, you have 30-Day Satisfaction Warranty to return it for your money back. There is also a 90 Day Manufacturer’s Warranty.