Attach Your Own Clasp Bracelets in Seconds!

Clasps Are Held Open

This Game Changing Device ENDS Frustration With Clasps!

Clasps Are Held Open

Brilliant Colours

A Clever Gift for Every Bracelet Lover... Preteen to Senior.

EASY! 4 Steps To Attachment

Engage the Clasp, Place Wrist, Connect Loop End & Release! It's So Easy!

Bracelet Attachment That Will Amaze You

Change Your Bracelets Daily... You Only Need Seconds!

A More Convenient Life

Built-In Storage & A Compact Size For Life on the GO!

4 Easy Steps

Bracelets ON!

Step 1:

Engage the Clasp.

Step 2:

Place Wrist and Connect Loop Into the Open Clasp.

Step 3:

Press the Release Button.

Step 4:

Gently Pull Bracelet Away.

The Clasp Magic®️ Bracelet Challenge

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